Software licenses from free market

Used software licenses (or used licenses) are still the same software licenses as new ones. The only difference is the price. It is identical product, , but if you choose licenses from free market, you can save up to 80 % of the initial price.

1 mil.+
Sold licenses

from the free market by the PREO / PREDNY SLM group

40 %
Average savings

when using PREDNY SLM hybrid solutions

Years on market

and countless satisfied customers

How much you can save?

See the indicative price list or contact us for the current offer.

How does it work?

Trade with used software licenses was declared to be legal

stated in the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU C-128/11, based on Directive 2009/24. If you no longer need a perpetual, fully paid software license, you can sell it further without any restrictions

Rules for resale of software licenses

In the EU Directive 2009/24/EC, in Article 4, paragraph 2, we can find a specific provision which states that the first sale of software terminates the author’s right to control its further resale (there is a so called exhaustion of rights).

In the event of exhaustion of rights, it represents a situation where the rightholder of a copy of software program places specific copies of the software on the market, thereby “exhausting” his right to control further distribution of this copy. If the conditions stipulated by legal regulations are met, the author cannot restrict or prohibit further resale and subsequent distribution of these software copies in the future.

Summary of legislation, case law and other views on licenses from free market:

More about legislation and case law

Rules for transferring licenses in a nutshell:

The first licensee purchased the licenses with the consent of the copyright holder.
The first acquirer purchased licenses in the state of the European Union/EHS.
The first licensee will ensure that the licenses are uninstalled, not used and will prevent their usage in the future.
The licenses were fully paid, not leased, by both the original and new purchaser.
Licenses are not subjected to any third party rights.

Your guarantee of legal security

In accordance with the above-mentioned standards, all transfers of licenses via PREDNY SLM are accompanied by complete and transparent documentation, incl. declaration of the first acquirers:

Volume licensing contracts

We trade exclusively with licenses coming from volume licensing contracts. Thanks to this, we can guarantee the origin of the licenses.

Complete chain of owners

For each transfer, we supply a complete chain of ownership of all licensees, thanks to which you can always prove the origin of licenses in a possible audit.

Screenshots from the original VLSC

We buy licenses directly, so unlike most other “resellers”, we can prove the existence of a license entry in the original VLSC account.

Transparency of transfers

o In addition to the license number, we also supply other identification data of the licenses (eg Agreement Number) and also of the original licensee.

Security and audits

o Purchasing processes are regularly audited by the Big Four companies (eg Deloitte, Ernst&Young) and each transaction is published in a public bitcoin blockchain.

Easy administration

o Thanks to the electronic distribution and evidence platform SWTP™ you get at least the same comfort for license management as in the VLSC account.

Only complete documentation guarantees a smooth software auditing process

Beware of gray market sellers!

In addition to clearly counterfeit or stolen software product sellers (usually recognizable by their noticeably low price), there are also so-called gray market sellers who claim to sell “legal licenses”. Often, such vendors hide behind electronic software distribution (ESD) licenses, CoA labels, various other certificates or statements, which try to force customers to think that everything is legal and that they take full responsibility in the event of a problem. However, they know very well that copyright law applies the so-called presumption of guilt, when the end user must always prove legal acquisition of software license. This means that if the license proves to be illegal (or non-existent) during the audit, this user must, under copyright law, pay the author of the software the usual price for the software and twice that price as a fine. In addition, the user will have to pay the cost of the software audit

So does the seller’s warranty matter? Unfortunately, mostly not. We know from experience that many dubious sellers will cease to exist over time. And if not, after paying all fines and costs, it is only possible to claim damages from this seller, such cases usually take several years in court.

Always request complete and transparent documentation

The activation key or CoA label doesn’t represent a license

The seller’s warranty does not release you from liability

Beware of unreasonably low prices

Operating systems and office applications

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
Microsoft Windows 10 LTSC 2019 Upgrade
Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus
Microsoft Office 2019 Standard
Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus
Microsoft Visio Professional 2019
Microsoft Project Standard 2019
as well as a complete portfolio of supported older versions (2016, 2013)

Server and database solutions

Microsoft Windows Server 2019
Microsoft Exchange Server 2019
Microsoft SharePoint 2019
Microsoft SQL 2019 Datacenter
Microsoft SQL 2017 Standard
Microsoft Exchange 2019 User CAL/Device CAL
Microsoft CoreCAL 04/19
and many other CALs and server licenses of supported older versions (2016, 2012 R2, 2017, etc.)

Other software (limited availability)

Adobe Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6 (většinou v GER jazykových verzích)
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 12c
Oracle Internet Application Server Ent. Edition 11g
Veeam VMware Backup&Recovery
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Dynamics 2015
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