Software Trading Platform™

Dealing with a huge volume of licenses can be a nightmare. Whether you are owner of a company, member of the board, network administrator, company lawyer, accountant or “that IT guy”, you are often dealing with questions related to software asset management. When you want to know, how much all software licenses cost you, when you need to update software, when you want to renew your hardware or just add a new computer for a new colleague, it’s often a mess.

These are the reasons, why we decided to develop Software Trading Platform™ (STP) – to bring order and effectivity to your software assets:

  • STP is not only a software asset management software, but it goes much further. It allows you to have all your licenses with complete documentation together in one place, buy new ones (used software or not – doesn’t matter) or even sell redundant licenses with just a few clicks.
  • STP has its goal set as “Universal platform for keeping and trading software licenses”.

Once you join, you will be able to:

  • Add, store and manage your licenses
  • Buy new licenses
  • Sell redundant licenses

For ICT professionals and resellers:

  • Create your customer lists
  • Order licenses
  • Distribute licenses
  • See your invoices, turnover, margins and earnings

Join STP today!

For a limited time, you can join STP completely for free and bring order to your license management. There’s a team of professionals ready to help you get started. Contact us!

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