Affiliate program

Want to join our wide network of cooperating partners, but not sure if it will be the right fit for you?

PREDNY SLM offers you an opportunity to earn from your recommendation and to try what legal licenses can bring you and to your contacts. Typical WIN-WIN situation.

How does PREDNY SLM’s Affiliate program (AP) work?

It’s easy, just follow these few steps:

  1. Contact us and tell us that you’re interested in AP.
  2. We will register you and provide you with a unique code on our Software Trading Platform™ (STP).
  3. Recommend your contacts to buy legal software licenses via PREDNY SLM and tell them to mention your unique code (or claim the customer yourself by informing us).
Once we made a deal with the customer you had recommended, we will deliver products via STP under your code – you will have overview, which customers bought licenses through your recommendation and you will see your provision.

Please contact us for complete rules & conditions of AP.

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Don’t worry, we won’t issue you an invoice for using our contact form. Feel free to contact us, whether it’s about products, partnership or with any other question.

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