Cost optimization and software audits

Licensing is often complex in large organizations because of the need to combine legal, economic and technical knowledge. And it is on these roles that our society is built. We will find out the current state of infrastructure and licenses in your organization and design a cost-effective solution based on a deep knowledge of licensing conditions and your needs.

1 mil.+
Sold licenses

from the free market by the PREO / PREDNY SLM group

40 %
Average savings

when using PREO / PREDNY SLM hybrid solutions

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How can licensing costs be reduced?

By using on-premise licenses or hybrid licensing

all the necessary functions can be maintained and costs can be reduced by tens of percent.

Cost Optimization Example – Microsoft 365 E3 Replacement

For a better idea of our solutions, we’ll demonstrate optimization on a common example for a 300-user organization that uses Microsoft 365 E3 enterprise licenses. A complete list of Microsoft 365 E3 features can be found at manufacturer .

The organization demands optimization/purchase of infrastructure in 2021 (support for most applications in the 2016 versions ends at 10/2025, check ). The company has an existing SQL Server license. For a better idea, we have converted the prices per user / month / until the end of the period of support for perpetual licenses.

SLM Hybrid P1
SLM Hybrid P2 (increased security)
Office 365 F3
Office 365 F3
Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
Office 2016 Professional Plus
Azure Advanced Threat Protection
Core CAL 2016*
Microsoft Defender ATP
Microsoft CIS 2016**
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019
Exchange Server 2016
Office 2016 Professional Plus
SharePoint Server 2016
Core CAL 2016*
Microsoft CIS 2016**
Exchange Server 2016
SharePoint Server 2016

*Core CAL 2016 includes:

Exchange Standard 2016 User CAL
SharePoint Server 2016 User CAL
Skype for Business Server Standard 2015 User CAL
System Center Configuration-Manager 1606 Client ML
Windows Server 2016 User CAL

**Microsoft CIS 2016 includes:

Windows Server Datacenter 2016
System Center Datacenter 2016

Price comparison

Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3
31,50 €
SLM Hybrid P1
12,10 €
62 %
SLM Hybrid P2
23,00 €
27 %

How to begin?

To select a suitable plan or to design a licensing solution

based on the real needs of your organization, it is advisable to start with a software audit.

Software audit

A software audit is an independent assessment of the status of licenses and software used in an organization. It serves as a basis for cost optimization. With a software audit, you can also avoid heavy fines due to under-licensing or use of illegal software, and an excessive number of licenses can be detected during a software audit.

Software auditing process

Collection of data on used software
Sběr dat o používaném softwaru
Get proof of acquisition of software licenses
Evaluation, design and proposal of modifications and optimization

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