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PREDNY SLM offers exclusive prices, services and discounts for education and governmental sector. Software manufacturers are pushing and implementing subscription models, which from the financial point of view are not profitable, as you have expenses every paying period. Moreover, governmental institutions do not always need latest and most advanced features of modern software, and for achieving basic skills of usage of different programs, you do not always need latest available versions on the market.

Used software model offers not only profitable solution, but also older software licenses which are no longer available through traditional distribution channels offered by manufacturers. 

It is a well-known fact that a big part of governmental and public institutions have a large inventory of measuring instruments, tools and/or medical equipment. Unfortunately, manufacturers of expensive instruments do offer a long-term hardware warranty, but the software support usually ends much earlier than hardware warranty/ lifetime of tool.
This brings a large problem not only in governmental sector but also into schools, universities and industry, besides the fact that there is no way to purchase older compatible software products, the only solution in this case is to upgrade not only the whole software infrastructure, but also the equipment which ultimately leads to large financial costs. Equally, governmental authorities use older software solutions and any enlargement or expansion of the institution leads to the fact that there is a need to purchase new hardware units with modern software that can have compatible issues with the older software infrastructure.

New licenses offer
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Windows 10 Professional Retail (box) version
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007
Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business
Total costs: 29 EUR/bundle
Total costs: 400 EUR/bundle
Total savings:
at least 90 %

PREDNY SLM offers comprehensive consulting services and compatible and cost-effective solutions.

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