Software Trading Platform™ -

The Trading Platform Software (SWTP) allows you to have all your used licenses from the free market in one place. It also serves as a distribution platform, so you can find your new used licenses in your SWTP account. Inside SWTP you will find complete documentation for each transfer, your invoices, product keys and installation files - just like in VLSC or other types of volume licensing portals from different software vendors.

1 mil.+
Sold licenses

from the free market by the PREO / PREDNY SLM group

40 %
average savings

when using PREDNY SLM hybrid solutions

years on market

and countless satisfied customers

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Request a demo account and we'll send you your personal login details afterwards. You can directly test the full range of features offered by the SWTP platform.

What is

Software license trading platform

a full-fledged alternative to VLSC or any other volume licensing portals

Organize, transfer, add

Unlike a VLSC account or other volume licensing platforms, SWTP has additional advanced features. Within your account, you can create sub-accounts (tenants) to which you can transfer licenses, which gives you a much better overview of the number of licenses and transaction history within individual organizational units, especially in larger companies.

At the same time, in the platform you will also find a request form and information about the current availability of licenses from the free market and their current prices. Thanks to these functions, it is possible to replenish licenses within the organization in a matter of minutes.

Documents for software audit

A software audit is basically a verification process that compares the actual state of used software licenses within an organization with owned software assets and further a compliance analysis that gives information whether or not software is being used within the bounds of a software license as established by the manufacturer. Therefore, the whole process requires besides technical skills, the assistance of the economic department and eventually lawyers. However, you do not have to deal with these concerns with SWTP, because within the platform, auditors will find not only information about licenses, but also acquisition titles, transparent chain of rights, proof of ownership and invoices related to purchased licenses and transactions.

Benefits for resellers and dealers

In addition to the above, you get full control over your customer tree, current prices in your price level incl. margin monitoring, the ability to add to your invoices and documents or control your bonuses. More information about the affiliate program on the page For Partners.

Once connected, you will have the opportunity to:

Purchase and manage your licenses
Transfer licenses to other entities / departments
Download the installation files
Own complete documentation
And much more

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