Mgr. Martin Predný


Martin has studied law at Masaryk University in Brno and joined a digital and marketing agency as a partner during his studies. He helped one of the clients build a very successful online project, which was one of the first in the Czech Republic to start selling used software licenses. As part of the spin-off, he also participated in the expansion of the above mentioned project to 12 EU countries. After almost ten years, Martin decided to sell his shares in these e-retail companies and founded PREDNY SLM, a company which, thanks to the merger with PREO Software, has become one of the European leaders in the field of corporate infrastructure licensing.

Ing. Stanislav Doros


Stanislav studied chemistry at BUT. However, during his studies, he retrained as a Software Licensing Consultant, which required in-depth knowledge of product use rights, licensing rules, PCAs, trademark laws and copyright laws, providing our customers with legal and optimal solutions.
“Every company is by its nature a closed system that has certain inputs and outputs. As an engineer, my primary goal is to understand all internal processes, determine overall performance, business functions, and gradually improve all of the company’s components and mechanisms.”

Mgr. Martin Melišek


Martin studied law in Brno, also at Masaryk University. After graduating from law firm and passing the bar exams, he founded his own law company. Martin specializes in general commercial law, intellectual property law – copyright law, and, among other things, public procurement law.

Ing. Petr Konečný

Business Development

Petr was already active in the B2B and B2C business sphere in the Czech Republic and later in other European coun-tries during his studies at the Faculty of Transport in Pardubice. He has worked with B2C and B2B customers from individuals to large corporations. Most recently, he worked in a multinational logistics company in process and project management, where he participated in the migration of WMS and WLM systems. He first met with used software licenses in Europe and was so interested in the topic that he became a member of our Business Development team.

Radek Petr

Business Development

Radek has gained a lot of experience as an Account Manager in a marketing agency with clients of various sizes – from small businesses to multinational corporations with a global reach. Due to the technical nature of the education and business knowledge, our team expanded with additional experience. He got acquainted with used software business model for the first time and joined our company to spread new approach related to the alternative channels of purchase of software licenses and breakthrough established rigid traditional purchasing methods.

Bc. Soňa Balážová

Bussines Assistant

Soňa is studying at the Faculty of Business and Economics of Mendel University in Brno. The study is specialized in marketing, so at PREDNY SLM she is responsible for developing the company’s communication channels, among other things. It also focuses on the preparation of documents, contracts and business documents for the sales team.

Dominik Linduška

Fullstack Development Lead

Dominik and Martin already worked together in a digital agency, while subsequently Dominik gained experience as a developer in an international fast-growing start-up. When the opportunity came to lead his own project, specifically the development of the platform, he immediately seized the opportunity and has been leading the development team at PREDNY SLM ever since.

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