Mgr. Martin Predný


Martin studied law at Masaryk University in Brno and during his studies he started an e-commerce and marketing agency. During his work there, he helped to build a very successful online brand with used software, which was pioneering Czech market. Afterwards, he founded a company that was bringing used licenses to more than 12 European retail markets. After almost ten years in the business, Martin decided to sell his shares and to found PREDNY SLM, which specializes in B2B volume licenses trading with the highest possible quality.

Bc. Stanislav Doros


“Any society, by its own nature, is a closed system that has certain inputs and outputs. As an engineer, my primary goal is to understand all the internal processes, determine overall performance and business functions, and gradually improve all components and mechanisms of the company.”
Stanislav studied chemistry at BUT in Brno, during his studies was re-qualified as a consultant. Deep knowledge of product use rights, licensing rules, product conformity assessment and Trademark and Copyright Laws, helps the company to provide optimal and legal solutions for our customers.

Mgr. Martin Melišek

attorney at law

Martin studied law in Brno, at Masaryk University as well. Once he finished his obligatory praxis at Jiří Hruban’s advocate firm and passed attorney exams, he started his own attorney firm. Martin specialized himself in general business law and was a cooperating lawyer at mentioned retail used-software company. Now he has added a specialization in intellectual property law and is an expert in licensing conditions of main software manufacturers.

Ing. Petr Konečný

Business Development

Since studying at the Faculty of Transport in Pardubice, Petr has been already active in the B2B and B2C in the Czech Republic and later rest of Europe. He used to work with end users and B2B customers from individuals to large corporations. Most recently, he worked for an international logistics company as a Process and Project Manager, where he participated in the migration of WMS and WLM systems. He first met with secondary licenses in Europe and got interested in the topic, so he became the head of our Business Development team.

Mgr. Tomáš Predný

licensing consultant

Tomáš studied Management studies in Brno. During his studies, he founded a constructional company Flexmann, which is still running smoothly. When his company was grown enough to have its own management, he started to look for other challenges and opportunities. His experience in consulting and providing custom-fitted and cost-saving solutions for his customers made him exactly the right person for the job of licensing consultant.

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