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Software audit is an independent examination of software product(s), software process, or set of software processes to assess compliance with specifications, standards, contractual agreements, or other criteria.
Once the compliance between individual licenses, installed software products on hardware units and its operational usage have been verified, an optimal solution will be proposed if irregularities are present. As a part of software audit, is also evaluation of the efficiency of usage of software products and its eventual subsequent optimization.

Software audits can also avoid high penalties resulting from insufficient hardware licenses (under-licensing) or the use of illegal software, on the other hand, over-licensing may also be identified during software audit.

How does a software audit work?

A list of devices used within the company must be compiled. On the basis of the list, the data collection process is carried out and subsequently evaluated. The outcome of the evaluation is a preliminary report, which is further consulted with the customer and incorporated into the feedback report. The entire audit process is finalized by the preparation of a comprehensive final report and presentation of the results.

Definition of individual license audit steps

1. Contractual liability

Licensing agreements and Product Use Rights define responsibilities and contractual relationship for compliance with the software license manufacturer’s terms. Customer shall provide a list and contact information of people with administrative privileges for the required systems. 
Formation of a list of devices/hardware units present within company’s IT infrastructure and evaluation of contract boundaries between licensee and licensor are further processed.

2. Data collection

Data collection is largely automated by audit tools. To obtain complete information about the environment it is necessary to further associate collected data from devices with each hardware unit.

3. Evaluation

The evaluation is based on the amount of hardware units present within the company’s infrastructure, associated collected data regarding the installed software, responsibilities and contractual liability between licensor and licensee. When evaluating the IT infrastructure, consultations are carried out with individual administrators.

4. Feedback processing

The feedback of the organizations is incorporated in the final report and recommendations/feedback are processed during this step.

5. Final report

The final report describes the results of the analysis, provides recommendations for optimization of IT infrastructure, detects/defines under or over licensing.


As part of a software audit, we offer options that can save companies the cost of upgrading and optimizing software by up to 70% by the implementation of used software licenses models, which do not differ from the unused ones in technical, security or legal terms. However, they bring significant cost reductions. This means that the customer does not have to purchase new, expensive software licenses when upgrading, but can also purchase the same versions as used in advantageous terms and thereby significantly reduce software investment, or combine such used licenses with new or subscription licensing models (Office 365 or Azure). Such savings can be further multiplied by the sale of unnecessary software licenses. In this way, your company can save the aforementioned 70% investment when purchasing software.

We will help you identify your company’s optimum position in order to increase efficiency and reduce IT costs. Likewise, implementing effective SAM eliminates overspend and reduces over or under licensing and use of wrong software products. 

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